Trattamenti Corpo

Treatment No. 16
Pedi Care - relaxing and smoothing treatment

Relaxing- Smoothing treatment that provides long-lasting moisturization and softens the skin on the feet. Prevents painful cracking of heels, relaxes and eliminates the feeling of heavy, tired feet. Leaves the skin soft, smooth and with a pleasant lavender - lemon scent. Cosmetics used in the treatment contain, among others, urea, essential oils of lavender, lemon soaps, lanolin, shea butter.
  • calloused, hardened and dried skin
  • heels prone to cracking
  • dryness and roughness combined with itching of the feet
  • heavy, tired and swollen feet
  • tendency to fungal infections, frequent use of the swimming pools and public showers
  • The problem of odor and excessive sweating
With diabetes, some elements of the treatment (use of sharp tools, milling) can be performed only after consultation with the doctor and with caution in order to avoid any interruption of the continuity of the epidermis.
  • peeled and removed calluses on feet
  • long-lasting moisturizing and smoothing of dry and rough skin
  • immediate softening of hardened and calloused skin
  • regeneration and rejuvenation of micro-injuries of the epidermis
  • ensuring silky smooth and soft skin
  • preventing excessive keratosis of the epidermis
  • prevent painful cracking of heels
  • protection against infection - antibacterial and antifungal
  • deodorant effect, preventing malodour
  • preventing excessive sweating (when used in treatment procedures)
  • refreshing and relaxing effect
  • give your feet a pleasant, lavender-lemon scent
  • eliminated feeling of heavy, tired, swollen feet
  • allergies to any active ingredient in Norel  products
  • active fungal and viral infections (feet warts)
  • With diabetes - open injuries, wounds, cuts within feet and nails
As a treatment with 4 procedures, once per week or as a onetime pedicure treatment.