Trattamenti Viso

Treatment No. 6
Acne – antibacterial treatment for acne complexions


Antibacterial treatment for greasy and seborrheic complexions  with blackheads and acne. Detoxifies the skin, normalizes sebum secretion and reduces keratosis of hair follicle. Reduces the number of comedones and inflammatory lesions of acne - Papules, pustules. Products from the Acne line contains, among others, peat mud, colloidal silver, extract of willow bark, white clay and plant extracts.
  • greasy, oily skin with teenage or menopausal acne problems.
  • as an extension of dermatological treatment. To reduce acne recurrence.
  • stabilized sebum secretion 
  • reduced hair follicle keratosis
  • reduced number of comedones  and inflammatory acne eruptions
  • effectively reduces the formation of inflammatory foci
  • improved skin color
  • detoxified and improved skin self-defense mechanisms
As a therapy consisting of 6- 10 treatment  based on the degree of skin changes.