Trattamenti Viso

Treatment No. 7
Antistress – calming and normalizing treatment

Treatment for mixed and sensitive complexions of all ages, after the treatment of acne vulgaris, greasy with signs of dehydration. Detoxifies the skin, neutralizes free radicals, calms irritations and normalizes sebum secretion. Products from the Antistress line contains, among others, peat mud, astragalus root extract and licorice, SepicontrolTM A5, tocotrienols.
  • mixed and sensitive skin
  • to uphold the effect after dermatological treatment of acne
  • poorly nurtured, oily skin with signs of dehydration and irritation

  • detoxified skin as well as high amount of neutralized free radicals 
  • anti-stress effect, lessened skin’s tension
  • improved skin’s appearance
  • alleviate irritations 
  • detoxified and improved skin self-defense mechanisms

As a therapy consisting of 6-10 treatments. Perform two treatments per week. Afterwards to uphold the effect, two treatments per month.